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Truck Driver Recruitment and Placement

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  Services For Trucking Companies:

National Recruiters provides Truck Driver Candidates for the Trucking Company Members to review and hire.  When a Trucking Company becomes a Member, they are provided with Potential Truck Driver Candidates for their review. These Candidates have been selected according to the hiring specifications that the individual Trucking Company has provided to National Recruiters. We currently have the Truck Driver Candidates contact National Recruiters to match them with a good Trucking Company that they want to stay with for a long term. National Recruiters advertises nationally for Truck Drivers. This is the most economical and efficient method of obtaining potential Truck Driver Candidates. We specialize in Small (1-20 Trucks), Medium (20-150 Trucks) and some Larger (150+) Trucking Companies. We work side by side with in-house recruiters to fill their open positions. When National Recruiters has a Potential Truck Driver Candidate for a specific Trucking Company Member, the Candidate's brief information is forwarded to the Trucking Company (exclusively). The individual Candidate is only given to one Trucking Company at a time. After the confirmation of the selection of the Potential Candidate, the Trucking Company will have a Phone Interview with the Potential Candidate. After the Phone Interview, the Trucking Company informs National Recruiters of their intentions on hiring the Candidate. If they are hiring the Candidate the Trucking Company will process the Candidate like any other Candidate. For more information, call (844) 866-6400 Ext. 302.

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National Recruiters provides recruitment services for Trucking Companies nationwide. We also provide placement services for Truck Drivers nationwide. Collectively we can provide the needed services for the needs of both the Trucking Company and the Truck Driver. We provide the matching of the Truck Driver to the specific requirements of each Trucking Company. Through our matching the right Truck Driver with the right Trucking Company, both are more satisfied in their long term relationship with each other. National Recruiters also provide Trucking Companies with Optional Services to better their Human Recourse and hiring process. We further provide references for Trucking Companies and Owner-Operators to become more efficient and cost effective.

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